My husband and I live on a smallholding where we grow our own food to be self-sufficient, and I am a mother of two children. Since my first pregnancy, I developed a strong interest in women’s health, and I have done various training around pregnancy and post-natal support (closing the bones ceremony, post-natal doula, hypnobirthing).

I am a NIMH (National Institute of Medical Herbalists) accredited Medical Herbalist, a facilitator with Birth into Being, and a Spirit Release and Soul Integration Therapist.


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Healing and therapy have been part of my life from a young age, having child-psychiatrist parents I was immersed into      psycho-therapy since childhood, I started dream journaling around 5-years-old, and my own psychotherapy journey around 6-year-old, and have continued exploring various styles of inner work and therapy journey throughout my life.

My practice combines the methods described below and provides a full spectrum far reaching healing that explores the root cause of body symptoms. I use a lot of intuitive guidance through channelling whatever presents within a safe and secure space carefully created for the work.

Birth Into Being


I discovered Birth into Being and used this method when I was planning the homebirth of my first daughter. This method is based on healing our own birth trauma.

My own birth was very traumatic (I was born via forceps and my mother almost died of sepsis a few days later); I was very aware that I needed to first heal how I entered this world in-order to have a safe and beautiful home birth. My daughter was born at home in the water after 7 hours of labour, it was a magical cosmic birth.

Three years later I free birthed my son at home in one hour, this was one of the most empowering experiences as a woman and the result of many shifts and healing of my own birth.  I trained in person with Elena Tonetti. The method is a powerful tool to shift behavioural patterns that are rooted in birth trauma. It is also useful for anyone who seeks freedom from early trauma, for future parents who want to consciously birth, and for any specific issue such as addiction, low self-esteem, grief, anxiety and for conscious evolution.

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Spirit Release and Soul Integration therapy

I later trained as a Spirit Release and Soul Integration therapist, my inspiration to train in this field came from a meeting in my early 20s with a French Clairvoiryant called Nazarene.  My dad was working with Nazarene on ancestral and past life healing, she saw a picture of me and asked to meet me. She said she saw in my eyes that I was a very old soul and had to step into my powers for this life mission. Back then little did I know what she meant, but I decided to jump on the plane and fly to France to meet her. I had my first past life regression with her and we continued some ancestral healing that her and my dad had started.  A lot of shifts and synchronicities started to happen after our first session, and I could no longer ignore some of the gifts that I kept hidden up to that time.  She had opened my eyes on the new path I needed to follow.

I stayed in regular contact with her until she passed away just after my daughter was born. The work felt unfinished and the calling kept coming so I then decided to train with David Furlong in Spirit Release and Soul Integration therapy. This is a beautiful intuitive work which uses inner journeying to connect our core self to our higher self and follow whatever healing is invited in during the session.

Many conditions such as anxiety, depression, hearing voices, split personalities can be caused by attached entities, past life contracts, unresolve ancestral wounds. Spirit release and Soul integration can help feeling more aligned as a whole and discover the right path we are born to follow.

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Herbalism and Plants


Above and beyond all of the other methods discussed, I have a deep passion for nature, animals and especially medicinal plants. The miracle power of plant healing never fails to surprise me especially for inner work, they are amazing allies and guides. I recently graduated from Heartwood as a medical herbalist and have joined the School of Intuitive Herbalism with Nathaniel Hughes. My main focus is to work with local plants, as we breath the same air and walk on the same ground where they grow; I believe this is essential to bring more synergy into       the healing.

Medicinal plants have always been part of my life in one form or another, I grew up in a household where health was always a priority on our list, eating a balanced diet and organic food was a must, and my mother used a lot of alternative therapies such as acupuncture and homeopathy, and herbal remedies.

My grandfather was a “burn healer” (a very esoteric healing in France where the healer says some prayers to remove pain, the knowledge is usually passed down in the family, it’s now used in burn injury hospital and for chemotherapy patients), he also used leeches to treat hypertension in his village.

My grandmother and her side of the family worked on the land and always had a deep connection with plants, mushrooms, and growing food. I grew up with 3 basic remedies that I still         use today:

  1. French green clay which can heal pretty much anything in the world of the skin ailments.
  2. Hot poultice of mustard and linseed to help expel phlegm during chest infection or pneumonia.
  3. A Japanese homemade drink made of kudzu root, ginger and umeboshi plum to kick in the butt any colds or stomach bug.

We always avoided traditional medicine that usually have many side-effects and can overburden the liver.

Today I work with a selection of medicinal local plants, I make most of the remedies from scratch myself and my main is aim to try to work with a single plant a time, if possible, but make it a full spectrum tincture which is much more potent –                The whole plant spirit is in the bottle to work with the person symbiotically at all levels:                                                  physical, emotional and energetically (Full Spectrum Healing).


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