Herbal Skin Care

As herbalists we usually say “only put on your skin what you can also eat”, because your skin is your largest organ in terms of the superficies it covers; it therefore absorbs all the chemicals you might put on it, ending up inside you as though you ate them. this is not to say that this range is edible as unfortunately to make edible cosmetics one would need make it fresh for each use due to the lack of preservability. when making these herbal skin care products I really keep that saying in mind and make sure to only put in natural organic ingredients. Taking care of your health starts by using natural cosmetics.

COLLECTION ONLY from the Herb Temple in Great Missenden No shipping available

Face Cream

These face creams are made with natural organic herbs, combining infused herbal oil, herbal aromatic water, herbal tinctures and essential oils. I  make the infused oils, and tinctures myself or source them from local UK suppliers, I also distill the herbal water from the Herb Temple.

Face Tonic

These face tonics are made from distilled aromatic water from local organic herbs or local UK based organic suppliers. I distil some myself at the Herb Temple from fresh harvests from our garden.

Face Mask – Green Clay Mask

My relationship with green clay dates back to my childhood. This is a very special Green Clay that comes from France and we use it for many skin ailments for burns, splinters, skin infections and beauty treatments. It holds a magnetic power and can draw toxins, impurities or foreign bodies out of the skin. These face masks combine green clay infused in an aromatic herbal water and essential oils. Do not use metal (such as a metal spoon) to apply your mask as metal will disactivate the magnetic power of the clay and render it inefficient.

Other Cosmetics