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centered healing

Core beliefs that inform my practice

“holistic” is used a lot in the therapy world with quite a few different meanings. I will try to define what I mean here with my healing approach what I call “Full Spectrum Healing”:
I strongly believe that any type of ailment, whether physical or emotional/psychological, are in fact just an expression from our body of an unresolved trauma, like a trapped energy that could not fully express itself at the time and shifted the body out of balance as a result.

conscious healing

Your healing in the Herb Temple space:

Full spectrum healing: Your healing can require many levels, physical, cellular memory, emotional, past life and ancestral. We all have to some degree some unresolved issues at all these levels but some might be more predominant than others. Therefore, it is important for you to be opened to all these different fields in order to shine the light on root causes and help you shift the patterns that no longer serve you. Ultimately this helps release the blocked energy and restore your inner balance and harmony.

spiritual healing

Connect to your true self

In the healing space I am holding, I offer you a deep exploration of the connection to you true self, to help you step into your true powers and feel more whole to walk your path. My role is to hold the space and help you lift the veil to reveal your truth, as only you from deeply within know what is best for yourself, and what you need to heal. I am here to empower you to find your own healing path and consciously evolve.

I often invite a plant ally to work with us in the space. Plant spirits are amazing guide to shine the light on what work is needed, and invite deep healing processes while providing strong support. This might be with a real plant outside in the garden, or a tea or other medicinal product of that plant. Each plant brings a different energy and guidance, the one appropriate for the healing needed always knows to come forth and show up for you.


Inner Work Therapy:

Some of the sessions might involve sitting, standing, laying on a futon, or going out in the garden to connect with nature, we might also do some bodywork or use sounds to deepen the healing. Quite often I might recommend a particular plant to work with either during the session or at the end, and I will offer some suggestions on how to continue the work with the plant outside of the session.

Herbal Consultation:

We might also do a more traditional herbal consultation with a herbal medicine prescribed at the end and some dietary and lifestyle advice in response to things that may have arisen during our time.

Herbal First aid:

prescriptions for acute illness such as colds, stomach bugs, indigestions or minor first aid injuries such as burn, cuts.

holistic healing

What a session looks like:

The work is intuitive and tailored to your individual needs. You might have an easier entry point to start the work, you might want to only start with herbs, or you might want to deep dive straightaway into working with inner work.

Usually, you and I do an initial consultation to get some background information and medical history and discuss what you would like to address or work on. Together, we tailor some sessions to design a healing path. These could be weekly or monthly or a one off. Commitment to this work as regular sessions makes for deeper transformation and openings to your healings advantage.

holistic healing

Therapy Offerings

Herbal First Aid

For acute illnesses or minor injuries I can dispense a herbal remedy that can be collected on the day from the Herb Temple.

Phone/in person consultation:
15-20 min for £20

Ailments can include: ear infection, conjunctivitis, cold sore, 1-2 nd degree burns, fungal infections, colds/flu, covid19, stomach bug, indigestions…

Herbal Consultation

You can come for a herbal consultation and a medicinal prescription

Initial consultation:
1 hr £65 plus prescription
Follow up:
30 min £35

The first follow-up is usually 2-3 weeks after the first consultation.
You can get 20% discount on the follow-ups if book a package of 3 further sessions.


inner work therapy

Inner Work Therapy

Inner work intuitive therapy:
This work will mix all the tools mentioned in the about section as per your individual needs

1hr consultation:

Or you can get a 15% discount if you book a package of 3 sessions