Meet The Plant

This range offers organic single herb teas, massage oil or ointment and Full Spectrum Tincture. Each product comes with a guided exercise on how to meet the plant you chose to work with. Each plant will bring a different invitation or highlight to offer a particular healing journey for you. Follow your intuition to choose which plant is suited for your healing needs.

COLLECTION ONLY from the Herb Temple in Great Missenden No shipping available

Meet the Plant Tea

This is a single herb tea from organically grown plants or wild harvested herbs. This will come with a guided tea tasting exercise to provide an introduction on how to begin this healing journey. Follow your intuition and choose the plant your most called by.

Full Spectrum Tinctures

Full spectrum tinctures are one of the most potent herbal medicine; they are made of different extraction processes from the same plant. They can include a mix of plant maceration in ethanol, distilled aromatic water, decoction, flower essence, and essential oils. We use mainly fresh plant material sometimes dried as well, with different part of the plant and sometimes the whole plant (roots, fruits, flowers, leaves). Each plant will call for a different mix of these extraction processes. the idea is to fully capture the whole plant spirt into one bottle. A tea tasting exercise will be provided to begin this healing journey.

Meet the Plant Massage Oil & Ointment

This is single plant macerated in almond oil or olive oil. The plant used are organic and local to the UK. The ointment is made from the oil and solidified with bees wax. I only use was from my own beehives once the bees have abandoned the hive, we do not harvest honey from bees, we only offer them a home that they may choose to inhabit or not. This product will come with instructions to provide an introduction on how to begin this healing journey, for massage practice it is ideal to work in pairs.