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Let’s Grow Together

1st and 3rd Thursday of the month 10am to 1pm come along to the land in Ballinger – Great Missenden, to garden together.

We are reopening the land to grow together and share our no dig, organic, permaculture flavoured knowledge. Our smallholding is set on 4 acres of beautiful land. We grow fruit and vegetable’s, we have an orchard (with apples, pears, cherry, plums), a polytunnel and animals: ( these include chicken, ducks, geese, sheep.)

Our aim is to find a sustainable way to be self-sufficient within the local community.

I am a therapist and medical herbalist, mother of 2 young children, and have been gardening for the last 7 years, exploring different natural methods to work in synergy with the land.

I would love to reopen our garden to work in community, teach the techniques that I’ve learned, get some extra help so we can grow together, harvest together and share what we will grow.

This is a non-exhausting list of what we will be doing and the techniques I’ll be able to share: composting (including hot composting), making your own soil for seedling, making your own natural fertiliser, companion planting, no dig approach, no weeding approach, building a self-sustaining plant ecosystem, how to start from scratch, growing seedlings, planting etc

We rear our own sheep, chickens, ducks and geese and sometimes we butcher for our own consumption. We love and respect our animals and always offer them a ritual to give them gratitude and blessings for feeding us. There might be a possibility to participate and learn this skill first hand too.

There will be opportunities for foraging and harvesting local plants for medicine making. As a herbalist I would love to transmit the knowledge of identifying, harvesting a plant and turning it into medicine.

I would like to offer this as a free of charge basis – the idea is to exchange knowledge on each of these topics, help the land grow and reap the fruits (and veggies) together. At the beginning we might not be able to harvest and share veggies straight away as they may not be in season yet but the idea is that we will all receive a veggie box with something to take home after each gathering. We will also work on building a seed bank so we can all exchange seeds.

At each gathering there will be a lovely herbal tea for us to taste whilst on the go 😉

You are welcome to drop in for one gathering or come regularly. You might be already experienced and are welcome to come and share your knowledge or you might be a complete novice wanting to learn and start you own garden, or you might not have a garden and want to come grow veggies with us, or simply come to enjoy nature and share a great time with a group of like-minded people, these gatherings also welcome teenagers and friendly dogs are also welcome to tag along (we have 2 friendly dogs on the farm).

We will probably keep the group to 6 people max for each session as from experience it works well up to this number on the land. For this reason please only book if you are sure you are available to turn up as you will be taking someone else’s space who could have come instead.