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Make Food Your Medicine

I am a herbalist and a food aficionado, you can read more my journey here.

I will run a series of food workshops this year to share my knowledge on how to use daily food as healing medicine.
I don’t believe in a type of food being good for you as a general rule, I believe that each of us is different and has different dietary needs. The key is to relearn how to connect to your body and listen in to intuitively feel what food is suited for your unique needs.

Come and join me to experience a conscious food making experience to enjoy conscious and mindful eating.

You will explore how to tune in and feel your guts to feel which food is suited for you or not, the medicinal power of different food, as well as how to prepare each ingredient to make them more potent and available for your body to digest.

I use organic dairy and our own eggs, and as much as possible local organic ingredients, do let me know if you have any diet requirements.

My food journey began at 6 years old when I started baking and cooking my own meals on my own. In our household we were raised on organic food, and each time someone was sick or injured we always had a special recipe to deal with that ailment.
I later on travelled to China and developed some deep connection with Traditional Chinese medicine and was fascinated to witness how most Chinese have a good understanding of their food as medicine. I really feel a calling to resurrect that knowledge in our western lives.
As a herbalist I can proudly say that I’d rather have my patients leave the consultation room with some good diet advice and no herbal medicine. Quite often we don’t need to reach out to herbs and using food as our medicine can just do the trick.