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meet the plant

Meet The Plant

2nd Thursday of the month 10am -12:30pm

£25-£35 sliding scale (limited SPACES)

At the Herb temple in Ballinger – Great Missenden

I am a herbalist and inner work therapist. Come and join me in a circle around a single plant to enable a local plant teacher to activate your new healing journey. This introductory workshop invites a magical ritual with a local plant, slowing right down to the plant pace, forgetting anything we might know about that plant. Meeting the plant spirit and energy the way our ancestor herbalists, wizards and witches would have done hundreds of years ago – using your intuition. This is a powerful experience allowing healing from your connection between you and the plant at multidimensional level – emotional, physical, ancestral, spirit and soul.

Each plant might call for a different type of gathering – we work with all our senses, touch, smell, tastes, vision and 6th sense to intuitively meet a plant. Each plant invites a special ritual offering healing, offering magic. They have been for me a great eye opener on nature and our so-called “weeds”, I can no longer walk past a plant without pausing for a brief encounter.

I only work with local plants, I don’t work with psychedelic plants, although you might find that nettle or rose can take you on a powerful journey filled with unexplained visualisations.